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Monday, August 21, 2006

L Words and P Words

For those who care about my TV watching and are rather concerned it has become a desert recently, I am now in possession of the the DVD box set - The L Word: the complete second season. It's exciting to see that it has been given an 18 certificate. The first season was only rated a 15. I'm promised that this is "A television series full of genuine emotion and authentic stories".

Of course, you know me by now (or do you?), and how I love authenticity.

The only difficulty now is finding time to watch all these episodes. Until I sat down on the settee on Saturday night for the beginning of a new series of The X Factor (come on, it's classic telly not to be missed!) I'd almost forgotten what the TV was for. I'd begun to think it was Andrea's entertainment centre only; like the computer is mine.

I'm sure I'll find a way to cope with all this sensory stimulation.

For anyone else wondering if I'm going to open the diary tonight - oh, go on then, I will - just for you. I introduce you to Nicki, the young philosopher ...

August 20th 1986

I think I am quite looking forward to going back to Sixth Form in two-and-a-half weeks time. It will be fun to see all the new first years and to be able to look back on our time in the first year. It seems so far away, those first few weeks at Sixth Form. I feel so different now. I'm not sure whether it would be true to say I have got more self-confidence, but I feel I have a greater ability to cope with things now. I also want to get back into the swing of things. I miss the college routine and people in a way - though that'll probably be forgotten after a couple of weeks back - then I'll be wanting to be home again.

It's a funny fact about the human being that we all want that one thing which is just out of our reach. Perhaps it isn't that surprising - we all have our dreams - or maybe, even, there is no need for certain things to be out of reach. We simply have to possess that driving ambition to score points of meaning and fulfillment in our lives.

August 24th 1986

It is really exciting writing poetry because you just have this idea - a few lines or words - and you start out on a poem, not knowing yourself how the finished product is going to turn out, just knowing what your basic message is. I find it really amazing. I am excited and exhilarated about writing. It doesn't bother me that much if I never become the recognised writer that I dream of (well it does) - but at least I can bring pleasure and energy into my own life. That's what it is - Poetry is an Energy. You don't have to write poetry to realise the power. Poetry speaks and by reading you can have a share in that energy.

Could Nicki, the young writer have a point?

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  • At 1:34 am, August 22, 2006, Blogger Eloise said…

    Oh no, not The L Word--shame on you. The first series was OK but it just gets ridiculous from now on. Be warned, authenticity is abandoned about 13 seconds into the credits (when the music goes 'this is the way, is the way that we live, and love--because to be honest, it isn't!). Of course I have just revealed that I have seen most of the series, well enough of it to know the theme tune off by heart.

    I think young idealistic Nicki does have a point--it's all about the shaving test. Why else would we slave over words without any promise of reward if we weren't aiming at recreating that feeling of goosebumps that you get from good poetry?

    Though I'm not sure how young Nicki would feel about you watching The X Factor--the most soulless, grimly ambitious bit of tosh on the TV at the moment (apart from The Flavour of Love). But then again I'll happily watch America's Next Top Model (and its regional knock-offs) and Charmed for hours, so I can't really talk.

    God, writing my CV is boring...


  • At 7:39 pm, August 22, 2006, Blogger Nicki Hastie said…

    Now, Eloise, you really can't knock my enthusiasm for The L Word when you have access to such programmes as The Flavour of Love. I've never heard of this show. I only have a Freeview box, after all. I do enjoy being sent to the AfterEllen.com website, though. It has been one of my favourite popular culture sites for quite a while.

    If The L Word showed me my life, would I want to watch it? That's a good question. Now, I might - but would anyone else? :-)

    At least I can get a good dose of authentic LA gloss.

    I don't care what you say, I'm not giving up The X Factor. It doesn't give me goosebumps like good poetry, but it gives me a laugh. It reminds me I'm alive, and relatively sane.

    God, yes, CVs are boring ... I expect you'll find a way to make yours stand out from the crowd.


  • At 9:24 pm, August 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Just check out my Vita online, Eloise. It will give you all the inspiration you need to make your own. LOL. But seriously, I actually made a living for awhile in NYC writing CVs or resumes as we called them. So if you need some feedback, let me know.
    Ever helpful, Mary


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