Out on a dike

Out on a dike phr. [mid 19-C] (US) going out in one's best clothes. [DIKED DOWN] I'm out as a dyke, occasionally out with a dyke. What I do when I'm out on a dike can become your business once I write about it here.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Know Your Tomboy

This is Out on a dike. I had no choice but to find out my fashion era.

gURL.comI took the "Retro Runway" quiz on gURL.com
My fashion is inspired by...
the '20s

Are you more tomboy than full out fashionista? Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that factor into every outfit? If so, the 1920s is the era for you. Known for shortened hemlines, wild times and a rebellious freedom, this decade shook up many general assumptions about gender. Read more...

Which fashion era do you belong in?

That's reassuring. Anything else and I would have needed to appeal!

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm a Poet

gURL.comI took the "If You Were a Poet..." quiz on gURL.com
I am...

Do you tell it like it is, even if "it" ain't pretty? Then Sapphire, (aka Ramona Lofton) may be your poetic predecessor. Sapphire is a jewel of a poet, but you won't find any precious language in her books. Read more...

Which poet are you?