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Friday, March 23, 2007

Let's Talk Toenails

Am I missing something? What's wrong with clipping your toenails in the living room? What room would you rather we did it in?

Ok, it was a straight woman writing about The L Word who made the comment about straight men clipping their toenails in the living room being a cliché and a cheap shot at men. But then, the lesbians got in on the act, and someone claimed: "i have never witnessed a woman (regardless of orientation) or a gay man do it" (clip their toenails in the living room, that is).

What world are we living in that women or men (regardless of orientation) are denied living room space to clip their toenails in?

I shave my head on the landing. I clip my toenails, and my fingernails, in the living room. My hair clippers are kept in the cupboard on the landing. My nail clippers are stored in a box in the living room. It makes perfect sense for me and my partner to clip nails in the living room. We collect our nail clippings in a rubbish bin and dispose of them. We don't distribute them all over the carpet and leave them there. We are two adult lesbians living in our own home. We can do what the f**k we like in our own living room!

Since when did toenail clippings become an indicator of gender and/or sexuality?

I guess it's a little sad that I got riled enough to blog about this, given that I seem to have been away from the blog for a month. Plus, I haven't even seen beyond Season 2 of The L Word. Maybe my problem is I feel I'm missing out!

We used to look at a woman's fingernails and make pointed comments. Do we have to check her toenail habits now, too?

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  • At 9:07 pm, March 23, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The thing with toenails, is wherever you do them, they're an inconvenience, because when you're done, you're left with these horrid things that refuse to be disposed of in any straightforward fashion and insist on distributing themselves in the most unpleasant places. If someone were to invent a toenail growth inhibitor, they'd make a fortune.

  • At 1:32 pm, April 05, 2007, Anonymous kellie said…

    I have to admit, I dumped someone for clipping his toenails in the living room, onto an old yellowing copy of The Racing Post of all things. Well, it wasn't entirely because of the toenails, but it just seemed to sum up the repulsion I felt at that moment in time towards him.


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